The financial statements audit became a necessary tool for all Companies as it provides assurance that the accounts are prepared in a true and fair view.

It also gives an assurance that the accounts are properly maintained as this is required by the law and the International Accounting Standards.

At EA Associates, we commit to deliver high quality audit services, giving to the various stakeholders the credibility that the financial statements are free from any material misstatement or omission.

By examining and evaluating the financial statements of the organization, we provide our clients with an in depth presentation of their Company, we recognise any possible opportunities that will add value to the organization and suggest ways for the improvement of the functionality of the internal controls.

During this process, we also aim to detect, prevent and correct any mistakes or omissions, as well as understand the entity’s environment so we can limit any possible risks that the Company faces and ensure that it will continue as a going concern entity.

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